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By John G. Bartlett MD

Designed to supply easy access to criteria of deal with infectious disorder through concentrating on choice, right doses, bills, and unwanted side effects of antimicrobial brokers, the 2005-2006 notebook of Infectious disorder Therapy attracts generally from thoughts made through the facilities for affliction keep watch over and Prevention, the scientific Letter on medications and Therapeutics, and from legit statements of revered clinical societies. Tabular fabric has been up to date to incorporate all newly licensed antibiotics, in addition to new strategies for management.

This variation contains topical concerns similar to MRSA (USA three hundred strain), Avian influenza, Acinetobacter Hepatitis B virus (HBV), hepatitis C virus (HCV), and bioterrorism. It additionally includes the recent guidance for pyogenic meningitis, diabetic foot infections, healthcare linked pneumonia, surgical prophylaxis, fungal infections, bacteruria, and administration of infections linked to foreign travel.

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39 P. cepacia (see Burkholderia cepecia) Rhodococcus equi (CID 2002;34:1379) Rickettsia spp (MMWR 2000;49:888) Localized + immunocompetent 2 oral agents: rifampin, erythromycin, or ciprofloxacin Disseminated, severe, or immunosuppressed 2 parenteral agents: vancomycin, + erythromycin imipenem/meropenem/ertapenem, amikacin rifampin Rocky Mountain spotted fever, Q fever, tick-bite fever, murine typhus, scrub typhus, typhus, trench fever Doxycycline (100 mg po or IV bid × 7 days) Chloramphenicol (2 g/d × 7 d) fluoroquinolone (6) Rochalimaea quintana and R.

MONITORING: Measure peak levels at 1 hr after start of 20- to 30-min infusion. Goal with q8h dosing is 5-10 μg/mL for gentamicin and tobramycin or 20-40 μg/mL for amikacin; peak levels when using low doses of gentamicin or tobramycin for synergy vs staph, strep or enterococcus is 3 μg/mL. Monitor for nephrotoxicity with serum creatinine qd or qod. Monitor for ototoxicity when feasible in patients treated >3 days with periodic Romberg's sign and with reading an eye chart after rapid head movements.

5-2 g q4-6h Usu al Usual Usual Nalidixic acid Renal and hepatic metabolis m 1. 5 21 1g q6 h — Usu al Usual Avoid Netilmicin Renal 2. 0 mg/kg q8h <<<<<<< See pp 41-42 >>>>>>> Nitazoxami de Metaboliz ed 11. 6 500 mg q612h — Usu al Usual Usual Nitrofurant oin Renal 0. 3 1 50100 mg q68h — Usu al Avoid Avoid Norfloxacin Renal and hepatic metabolis m 3. 4 -1 mil uni ts 3-5 ×/d — Usu al Usual Usual Ofloxacin Renal 6 40 200 400 mg bid 200-400 mg q12h Usu al 200400 mg qd 100200 mg qd Oseltamivir Renal 610 hr ↑ 75 mg bid — Usu al 75 mg qd Avoid Renal 0.

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