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By Kushner, Tony; An-Ski, S.; Neugroschel, Joachim

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I want a trial! ” Elimelekh calmly answered. “I must tell you, loud and clear, “That I think it’s insolent “To indict God the Creator, “For He is a vengeful Judge. “And you may be courting danger “If you take the Lord to court . . “Still, I fully understand, “You are risking life and limb “For a large community. “So I’m willing to convene “Our Jewish court of law. “Midnight is the wrong time, though. ” Suddenly that night three guests, Each a rabbi and a tsáddik Came to Elimelekh’s home. One guest was the Rabbi of Apt, Yes, the famous wonder-worker.

W 165 The Dybbuk Melody “No, He cannot! ” Feyvel angrily retorted. “How can that be? If it’s so, “There’s no justice and no judge! “Tell me! Don’t we have our Torah?! . “Listen, I must warn you now: “I won’t leave until you issue “A decree that our Maker, “Just like any human being, “Must obey the Torah’s laws . ” But the Rabbi of Apt then Put an end to this debate. He stood up and stroked his beard, Then he said imperiously: “Everything is clear to me! ” Next the rabbi quickly added: “There’s a custom in our trials: “When both sides have had their say, “They must leave our court of law!

For three days and nights, they quibbled And they squabbled . . ” Hurled anathemas at each other! In the end they compromised: God, they said, made a mistake, When he let the emperor issue His outrageous edict, which They denounced as null and void: He must cancel his decree. Now a scribe wrote down the judgment Word for word upon a parchment. All the holy rabbis then w 167 The Dybbuk Melody Signed and sealed the document. And this text was stored among All the Torah scrolls preserved In the Ark of the Covenant .

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