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21st ceNtuRy sKills libRaRy cool caReeRs air Traffic conTroller LEARNING & INNOVATION SKILLS The National Air Traffic Controllers Association (NATCA) is an organization of air traffic controllers in the United States. Some other countries have similar organizations. One thing these organizations do is encourage students to prepare today for career opportunities in the air traffic system of the future. Some NATCA members do this by speaking at career day programs at schools. What other ways can you suggest for students to learn about air traffic control careers?

She and controller Sue Mostert Townsend started an organization in 1978 called Professional Women Controllers. Sir Robert Alexander Watson-Watt (1892–1973) was a Scottish scientist considered to be the inventor of radar. 21st ceNtuRy sKills libRaRy cool caReeRs air Traffic conTroller Glossary air traffic control specialist (AIR TRAF-ik kuhn-TROHL SPESH-uh-list) a person trained to provide information and services to pilots on the ground and in the air air traffic control tower (AIR TRAF-ik kuhn-TROHL TOU-ur) a tall building at an airport where air traffic controllers work airways (AIR-wayz) invisible flight paths (highways) in the sky commercial airliners (kuh-MUR-shuhl AIR-lye-nurz) planes that carry paying passengers at scheduled times Federal Aviation Administration (FED-ur-uhl ay-veeAY-shuhn ad-min-uh-STRAY-shuhn) the United States agency responsible for aviation innovations (in-uh-VAY-shuhnz) new ways of doing things navigation aids (nav-uh-GAY-shuhn AYDZ) signals and markers used to guide airplanes simulators (SIM-yuh-lay-turz) models used for training and practice for more informaTion BOOkS Masters, Nancy Robinson.

She and her husband Bill use air traffic control services when they fly to places where Nancy presents visiting author programs for students and staff development workshops for teachers. com.

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