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If you have a pressure leak you will probably hear it hissing as you rotate the crankshaft when heat and ice are present. Tracking that hiss down may prove to be a bit of a challenge. Try a drop of light oil at the pinhole on the top of the pressure chamber. Watch the oil as you rotate the flywheel while at running temperature. If you see the oil spraying up out of the hole, that is a pressure leak. Often times the presence of the oil is enough to slow the leak and make the engine run. Some pressure has to leak out at this spot.

Make the second cut carefully right on the line. This second cut is much easier to make straight and even because the top of the can is now out of the way. Figure 12 - Make the initial rough cut about 1/4” (6 mm) above the line. Figure 13 - Make the final smooth cut right on the line. Make the Displacer Piston and the Displacer Pushrod Tools needed for this step: Floral foam (at least 3” (76 mm) x 3” (76 mm) x 1” (25 mm)) Ruler Marker Music wire (or a guitar string) Wire cutters J-B Kwik® Epoxy Bottom can Floral foam is soft foam used for holding flower arrangements.

When the disk will drop inside the can under its own weight, stop making it smaller. It is now the correct diameter. If this process messed up the bottom can, make another one. It only takes a couple of minutes and you don’t want to work with a messed up or bent can. 38 mm) music wire to a length of 10” (254 mm). Music wire can be purchased at model shops and some hardware stores. If you can’t find any, use a guitar string. The B string or high E string is about the right size. Make a 90° bend about 1” (25 mm) from one end of the music wire.

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