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By Clive Bloom (eds.)

An advent to American drama, geared toward scholars, lecturers and critical readers, that is additionally involved that the unusual names and forgotten voices of these who made an immense contribution to its heritage, were unfairly neglected.

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O'Neill once said that Nietzsche's The Birth of Tragedy was 'the most stimulating book on drama ever written', and he quoted from it in the programme for The Great God Brown in 1926. ' In 1928, Lazarus Laughed uses ideas in Thus Spake Zarathustra concerning the future of faith in a resurrected Man of Power after the apparent death of God - a Nietzsche phrase which Edmund Tyrone quotes in Long Day's Journey into Night in 1941. And the living-room bookcase in that play contains, O'Neill's instructions to the director and reader state, works by Zola, Ibsen, Shaw and Nietzsche.

The reader of the text has also a detailed account of the concealed and revealed positions. Once again, O'Neill's drama moves towards the novel, and in this case towards those 'stream of consciousness' fictions made fashionable after Joyce's Ulysses in 1922, and neatly parodied by Groucho Marx a few years later, following the popularity of O'Neill's play. ) The presentation of the hidden, the secret, the taboo is popular - a resistance to censorship. The play's 426 performances made it O'Neill's longest run, and produced his third Pulitzer Prize.

The modern of moderns, the greatest interpreter in the theatre of the characteristic spiritual conflicts which constitute the drama- the blood! -of our lives today. He carried naturalism to a logical attainment of such poignant intensity that ... 3 O'Neill believed that a form of 'super-naturalism' was needed to 'comprehend intuitively ... that self-defeating life'. The old 'naturalism' or 'realism', once daring as 'snapshots of each other in every graceless position', and 'the banality of surface', must end.

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