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By Brian Crow

During this e-book Brian Crow and Chris Banfield offer an advent to post-colonial theater by means of focusing on the paintings of significant dramatists from the 3rd international and subordinated cultures within the first global. Crow and Banfield give some thought to the performs of such writers as Wole Soyinka and Athol Fugard and his collaborators, Derek Walcott, August Wilson and Jack Davis, and Badal Sircar and Girish Karnad. every one bankruptcy comprises an informative record of fundamental resource fabric and additional interpreting concerning the dramatists. The publication might be of curiosity to scholars and students of theater and cultural historical past.

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21 POST-COLONIAL THEATRE even harsher lineaments of human nature. The struggle here is against the indifferent cruelty of the sea from which Afa and the other fishermen of The Sea at Dauphin are doomed to seek their livelihoods,- or against the diabolical evil of the white planter who destroys Ti-Jean's two brothers before he is finally mastered by the young man's cunning stratagem against oppression,- or, as in Malcochon, or The Six in the Rain, it is presented as the savagery of the human beast, finally redeemed, even as he is murdered, by the mad old outcast Chantal.

If the dominant sentiment likely to be engendered in an audience is the positive assertion of the actor's, and theatre's, 'holy' function, associated with Sheila and the final image of her resuming work on a deserted stage, A Branch of the Blue Nile leaves room for - indeed insists on - other possibilities. Marylin, without Sheila's integrity, goes off to the States to become another 'black actress' exploited by the system there; Gavin's move to teaching seems to be a retreat, an at least temporary confession of defeat; and Harvey, the catalyst of all this and the one who once spoke so idealistically about the need for them to purge themselves 'of fear, of cowardice, envy, self-contempt, conceit', returns in disillusionment to a job in England and to a no doubt symbolic early death.

Jordan is left alone, quoting Gray's Elegy as POST-COLONIAL THEATRE he hears in memory the voices of the generations of children he has taught. There are dramatic weaknesses in Remembrance, especially in its second act: the arrival and departure of Anna are both implausible, and her relationships with Jordan and Frederick are too sketchy to be completely interesting, or to develop effectively the parallel with Esther. There are references throughout to another son killed during Black Power riots seven years previously, whose grave Jordan has never visited on his day of remembrance; but the character's inability to cope with the tragedy of his death seems to extend into Walcott's dramatic treatment, which never satisfactorily integrates its emotional significance into the theme of remembrance.

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