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ELEMENT genre (#PCDATA)> You can use several modifiers to provide more information about child elements. Table 2-1 summarizes these modifiers. Table 2-1. Symbols Used in Element Declarations Within DTDs Symbol Explanation , Specifies the order of child elements. , one or more times). | Allows a choice between a group of elements. ( ) Marks content as a group. , zero or more times). , zero or one times). No symbol indicates that an element must appear exactly once. ELEMENT library (DVD+)> CHAPTER 2 ■ RELATED XML RECOMMENDATIONS Attribute List Declarations Attribute declarations, which appear after element declarations, are a little more complicated.

Xml"> Associating a DTD with an XML Document So far, you’ve seen how to construct a DTD, but you haven’t yet seen how to associate it with an XML document. You can either embed the DTD in the XML document or add a reference to an external DTD. ATTLIST DVD id CDATA #REQUIRED> ]> ... xml within your resources files. CHAPTER 2 ■ RELATED XML RECOMMENDATIONS It’s possible to have both an internal and external DTD. The internal DTD takes precedence if a conflict exists between element or attribute definitions.

You could equally call this dog or catalog. The second prefix, xhtml, refers to XHTML elements within the document. This is an example of a namespace convention. Namespaces use Uniform Resource Identifiers (URIs) to identify each vocabulary. In the case of the previous XHTML content, the W3C controls the URI because it controls the XHTML standard. However, you can associate the cat prefix with any URI under your control. It’s important to note that the URI doesn’t have to point to an actual document or directory.

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