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Give the graphic that is generated a title and captions for the pie slices. ■■ Put the agent on a schedule, so that it runs at a pre-determined date and time. 71328_Pman_CH02I 12/13/01 5:12 PM Page 31 Developing in NQL Chapter Summary The NQL Client is the development environment for Network Query Language. As an editor, it allows you to enter, revise, load, and save code as script files. You can also run and debug scripts. Online help is integrated into the development environment. The debugger allows you to single-step through scripts, examining stack data, variables, and other indicators as a script proceeds.

5 NQL Agent. 25 71328_Pman_CH02I 26 12/13/01 5:12 PM Page 26 Network Query Language Server Applications NQL scripts can be run on servers, either because they respond to clients or because they perform organization-wide services. Server NQL applications can be launched manually, set up as NT services, or scheduled. Web Applications NQL scripts can be run as CGI applications, in the same way that languages like Perl, ASP, and JSP scripts can. nql files in a Web address as NQL scripts to execute.

7. There’s good news and bad news at this point. The compiler error on Line 1 no longer appears, which is good. But the pie chart is not painting the pie slices in colors, which is bad. We have another error to fix. 7 Faulty pie chart. The problem here is a missing statement. We need to add a statement to the script that causes it to draw shapes that are filled, rather than hollow. 2. Now, run the script once again. This time, the pie chart displays as expected. 2 Corrected script. 29 71328_Pman_CH02I 30 12/13/01 5:12 PM Page 30 Network Query Language At this point, you should have a properly working script that generates a threecolor pie chart.

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