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By Nigel Palastanga MA BA FCSP DMS DipTP, Derek Field Grad Dip Phys FCSP DipTP SRP, Roger W. Soames BSc(Human Biology) PhD(Human Sciences)

A vintage textual content for these learning anatomy with over 25,000 copies bought, this booklet has validated itself as a center textbook for students.

All illustrations were redrawn to satisfy the desires of scholars this present day in addition to a brand new layout and structure to make learning anatomy easier.

The top and reduce limbs were divided into the bones, muscle tissues, joints, and nerve and blood offer, and the booklet additionally covers the outside, trunk, neck, head, viscera and frightened procedure in a complete way.

The musculoskeletal constructions are offered as a residing dynamic procedure and is a must-buy for anatomy scholars this present day together with all scholars of physiotherapy, osteopathy, chiropractic, occupational therapists in addition to activities scientists, kinesiologists and podiatrists.

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4 The distribution of eccrine and apocrine sweat glands. 31 SKIN, ITS APPENDAGES AND SPECIAL SENSES: EAR sweat glands, as are the glands of the external auditory rneatus (ceruminous glands). The cells of these latter glands contain a yellowish pigment which colours the wax secretion (cerumin). Mammary gland (breast) The mammary glands are modified sweat glands, being accessory to the reproductive function in females, secreting milk (lactation) for the nourishment of the infant. In children prior to puberty and the adult male, the glands are rudimentary and functionless.

33) exist in the subcutaneous tissue, being particularly plentiful along the sides of the digits, and act as pressure receptors. Specific endings for heat and cold have been described, although general agreement as to their identity has not been reached. Details of all of the above receptors are given on pp. 645-647. APPLICATION The majority of physiotherapy techniques are applied either directly or indirectly via the patient's skin. Manual manipulations, such as massage manipulations, and thermal treatments both have an effect on the skin.

Outer fibrous layer The sclera is the posterior opaque part of the fibrous layer and forms about five-sixths of the circumference of the eyeball, the remainder being cornea. 5mm thick anteriorly and has the tendons of the extraocular muscles attaching to it. The anterior part of the sclera is covered by conjunctiva and forms the 'white of the eye'. Posteriorly the sclera is pierced, 3 mm medial to the fovea, by the optic nerve and accompanying vessels (Fig. 7a). The forward-bulging cornea is continuous The eyeball with the sclera at the corneoscleral junction.

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