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It was once most likely Rousseau who first considered desires as ennobling reviews. somebody who has ever learn Reveries du Promeneur Solitaire needs to be struck through the dreamlike caliber of Rousseau's meditations. This dreamlike caliber continues to be with us, and people who event it locate themselves ennobled via it. Witness Martin Luther King's well-known "1 have a dream. " Dreaming and notion elevate the artist to the pinnacle rung within the ladder ofhuman kinfolk. that's most likely the existing view between expert humans of our time. Rousseau made that view good and foremost. but in one other experience, the matter is far older. it's the challenge of political philosophy and poetry, the matter of Socrates and Aristophanes, of Plato and Homer. but, whereas antiquity often provides the crown to philosophy, considering Rous­ seau, the choice view has a tendency to be triumphant. the excellence isn't, even if, a proper one. Sir Philip Sidney enlisted Plato at the facet of poetry. the real contrast is among mind's eye and cause. If cause is to rule, as Aristotle issues out,l the main architectonic of the sciences, that's political technological know-how, should still rule. it's political philosophy which needs to ascertain the character of the humanities with the intention to support or as a way to prevent the nice of town or the polity. that doesn't suggest mere professor should still stand in judgment of Shake­ speare, Bacon, and Rembrandt. It implies that ifhe experiences those 3 nice artists, he's not over-stepping disciplinary limits.

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Shakespeare was no liberal and no democrat, but he loved man, as the most ardent liberal democrat can. If he was a monarchist, he was a monarchist in the sense that he taught kings how to be statesmen. 62 Cf. " CHAPTER THREE MACBETH AND THE TYRANNICAL MAN That Macbeth is the Shakespearean play about tyranny will perhaps not be widely challenged, though a case can be ma de for Richard III. Macbeth is also the Shakespearean play about mental illness and guilt, and about time. These subjects have some relation to one another, and my goal is to understand tyranny a little better by understanding that relation a little bit better.

Nor does Macbeth have what is popularly called "ideology," a word susceptible of several interpretations. Let us say rather that the modern tyrant has a cause. For a moment Macbeth imagines that he has a cause: the pristine health of Scotland. Like Macbeth the modern tyrant does not recognize the difference between his cause and his will to power. He too has a point where history stops. He too has a day when there is no tomorrow, when today is eternity. And that day justifies his ruthlessness. That there is no such day in this-worldly history, most reasonable men will believe.

POLITICS IN SHAKESPEARE 27 seen as symbolic of civil friendship, and, without it, the honor of Henry V is hard to understand. Perhaps there is nothing very novel in this conception, but friendship through a regime is hard to attain. There is no alternative to friendship and no device that can create it. It is something we commonly associate rather with private than with public life. In the comedies, where Shakespeare deals largely with a private, nonpolitical wor1d, it is more readily achieved.

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