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C. Cruz, J. C. Ferraz, A. J. M. Khalil, E. H. Martins, G. Menegussi, D. Moreira, J. R. Rocha and M. A. Pinto, Intercomparison of calibration procedures for 192Ir HDR sources in Brazil, (1999). Med. Biol. 44, N31-N38 [17] R. E. deAlmeida Air kerma standard for calibration of well type chambers in Brazil using 192Ir HDR sources and its traceability. Med. Phys. (2009) 36 (3), 953-60. [18] IAEA, Calibration of brachytherapy sources: Guidelines of standardized procedures for the calibration of brachytherapy sources at secondary standard dosimetry laboratories (SSDL) and hospital, Report No TECDOC 1079, IAEA, Vienna, 1999.

787-92 [20] R. Ochoa, F. Gome, I. H. Ferreira, F. Gutt and C. E. deAlmeida; CE. Design of a phantom for the quality control of high dose rate 192Ir source in brachytherapy. Radiotherapy and Oncology, (2007). (82), p. 222-228. [21] N. A. Ellerbroek, M. Brenner, P. , Practice accreditation for radiation oncology: quality is reality. J Am Coll Radiol, (2006). 3(10): p. 787-92. [22] G. W. R. , Radiation oncology practice accreditation: the American College of Radiation Oncology, Practice Accreditation Program, guidelines and standards.

In the sequel, we will present the main statistical process control methods used to monitor surgical and interventional procedures with their specificity such as the possibility for case-mix adustment. We will also present a new method specifically designed to monitor the learning curveBiau & Porcher (2010). Some historical papers will be presented and an example will be detailed. 2. 1 Control charts Walter A. Shewart developped a control chart in the nineteen-twenties while working for Bell Telephone LaboratoriesShewhart (1931).

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