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By Plautus, John Henderson

'Asinaria' finds the play as a key to Roman social family members established on many forms of slavery: to intercourse, cash, and relations constitution; to masculinity and social status; to senility and partying; and to jokes, lies, and idiocy. This paintings contains finished observation, priceless indexes, and a pronunciation consultant.

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I’ll tell ya on what basis how it works out Once a fair level cwt has been strung up tight to the feet when the ’andcuffs hug ya ’ands in their clasp pulled up right to the beam 30 Asinaria: The One about the Asses n ̣ec dep ̣endes n ̣ec prop ̣endes —q ̣uin măl ̣us neq ̣uamquĕ ̣sis. 305 LIB LEO LIB u ̣ae tĭb ̣i. istuc ̣t estam ̣ ento S ̣ eruĭt ̣us lĕg ̣at tĭb ̣i. u ̣erbiu ̣elĭt ̣atĭo ̣nem ̣f ĭĕri c ̣ompend ̣i uŏl ̣o. LIB q ̣uĭd ĭstuc ̣ est nĕg ̣oti? c ̣ertum est c ̣redĕr ̣e. audact ̣er lĭc ̣et.

Ehem, optĭme. quam dudum ̣ ̣ ̣t u aduen ̣isti? non ̣ herclĕ ̣t e prou ̣idĕr ̣am —quaes ̣o, ne u ̣ĭtĭo u ̣ertas— 450 ĭt ̣a irac ̣undĭa o ̣bstĭt ̣ít ŏcŭl ̣is. non m ̣ irum ̣factum est. sed ̣si dŏm ̣ aenĕt ̣um uŏl ̣ebam. ̣ i est, Dem n ̣ĕgăt ess ̣e intus. uer ̣um istuc ̣ argent ̣um tăm ̣ en mĭhĭ ̣si uis d ̣enŭmĕr ̣are, am rĕp ̣romitt ̣ istoc n ̣omĭn ̣é sŏl ̣utam ̣rem fŭt ̣uram. sic p ̣ŏtĭŭs ̣ ut Dem 455 ̣ aenĕt ̣o tĭbi ĕr ̣o praes ̣entĕ ̣reddam. LIB>MERC ĕrŭs ̣ istunc n ̣ouit ̣ atque ĕr ̣um híc. MERC>LIB+ATR ĕr ̣o huic praes ̣entĕ ̣reddam.

Gently then One question at a time to calm me down Can’t ya see I’m still pantin’ ’n’ gaspin’ from the ’urry There, there, I can wait . . . It’s all up to you. All the way till you are . . —dead. Well where’s master? Big master’s at the mall, little master’s in here. Enough for me. Did you just get rich quick, then? Do drop the stand-up 330 comedy bit, Libanus. Dropped it is. What’s that you’re fetching? Mine ears are a-g-o-g. Focus your mind. You’ll know it, I’ll know it, fair do’s. I’m shtoom.

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