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1 Enoch 91-108 (Commentaries on Early Jewish Literature (Cejl))

The amount is a remark on 1 Enoch chapters 91-108 that starts off with the Ethiopic textual content culture but additionally takes the Greek and Aramaic (Dead Sea Scrolls) proof into consideration. This element of 1 Enoch, which includes fabric from at the least 5 diversified files composed a while through the second century BCE, offers a window into the early levels of the reception of the earliest Enoch culture, because it was once being negotiated relating to elitist spiritual competitors, at the one hand, and on the subject of different Jewish traditions that have been flourishing on the time.

Love + Marriage = Death: And Other Essays on Representing Difference (Stanford Studies in Jewish History and C)

The essays during this assortment, written by way of a pioneering interdisciplinary pupil, take care of the jobs of pictures within the development of stereotypes and the kinds of distinction as represented in texts—in excessive literature, in scientific literature, in art—from the final fin-de-si? cle to our personal. Intensely engaged within the cultural politics of daily life and aware of how texts replicate and form our social practices, they deal essentially with representations and self-representations of “Jews” long ago 100 years and concentrate on the query of the buildings of the Jew’s physique in paintings and literature.

Past Renewals: Interpretative Authority, Renewed Revelation, and the Quest for Perfection in Jewish Antiquity

Via shut readings of texts comparable to Ezra-Nehemiah. Philo of Alexandria, and 4Ezra, Hindy Najman develops the assumption of a discourse tied to a founder, illuminating the nexus among revelation, interpretive authority, and the hunt for perfection in anci

Moses Mendelssohn and the Religious Enlightenment

Moses Mendelssohn (1729–1786) used to be the most advantageous Jewish philosopher of his day and one of many best-known figures of the German Enlightenment, incomes the sobriquet ‘the Socrates of Berlin’. He used to be completely inquisitive about the critical factor of Enlightenment spiritual pondering: the inevitable clash among cause and revelation in an age contending with person rights and spiritual toleration.

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The first triad,Egypt, Pathros,and Nubia, is aligned geographicallyfrom northto south, while the second triad,Elam, Shinar,andNubia, is aligned from southeastto northwest(Joseph Blenkinsopp, Isaiah 1-39 [AnchorBible; New York:Doubleday,2000], 267-68). 135. Cogan, "Israelin Exile,"43 n. 15. ContraZ. Kallai, "Nov,noveh,"EnziklopediyaMikra'it 5:684. 1361 Chronicles 5:3-8 refersto a Reubenitenoble whose lands extendedto Aroer,Nebo, and Baal-Meor. Since this areawas conqueredby the Moabites(Isaiah15-16; Jeremiah48; Zephaniah 2:8-11), it was laterincluded in the provinceof Moab.

134 Jeremiah3:18 vouches for the reunitingof Israel and Judah from the land of the north. Some propheticmaterialpromisesthatthe northernerswere to be resettled into their own land (Jeremiah23:8). At times, Ezekiel distinguishes between the two groups (4:5, 6; 9:9; 27:17; 37:1523) and between two groups of elders (14:1; 20:1, 3 versus "the elders of Judah," in 8:1). He addressedhimself to "theentireHouse of Israel"(37:11; 39:25; 45:6), where he appearsto be includingboth the northernersand the southerners.

I drukiemJozafataOhryzki, 1859; reprinted1989), 4:238-39, 5:355. Also the Magdeburglaw prevalent in Polish towns subjectedapostatesto deathpenalty,BartlomiejGroicki,PorzgdekSQdowi Spraw MiejskichPrawa MajdeburskiegoWKoroniePolskiej(Warsaw:WydawnictwoPrawnicze,1953), 199. On the rabbinicreservationsto accept back repentingJews who had convertedto Christianity,see EdwardFram,"Perceptionand Receptionof RepentantApostates in MedievalAshkenazand Premodern Poland,"AJS Review 21, no. 2 (1996). 44. MS Acta episcopalia 18 (1538-40) in Archiwum Kurii Metropolitalnej(Cracow), fol.

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