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X;"J. p �:>v' �<.... {{ �· Sinus Bradycardia: • H R <60 • Hypothermia • Hypothyroidism Sick sinus syndrome: SA node problem causing bradycardia, block, arrest or tachy-brady syndrome. NO need for EPS Tx: Pacemaker if 1. Symptomatic 2. ,... o�tt. A" , viU A b 1'1'7W C. ® Copyright 2014 Do not photocopy without permission Page 600 • Digoxin: (normal level

During episodes sinus tachycardia f 140/mln were noted on EKG. Asymptomatic resting EKG normal. ECHO normal. Pt. diagnosed with Inappropriate sinus tachycardia. Best mangement? lc:d' Q163. Young athlete on routine physical found to have E KG with WPW, asymptomatic. Can he play basketball? llr} 164. Pt. presents with palpitations. E KG Afib or SVT. After p blocker Pt. feels better nd repeat EKG reveals a shortened PR Interval. d next? --------� � EPS & ablation of errant tract A. Start long term blocker C.

HTN Atrial fibrillation Symptoms � · < 60% en -* r If 122. Pt. with h/o aortic aneurysm is scheduled for surgery is getting a stress test. ecent EKG, PFTs, chest X-ray are normal. During stress test has ST depression in ateral leads and 2/6 s stolic murmur at a ex but 5 minutes after test there is no murmur A HOCM /,Ischemic M R ASD ( Atrial septal defect) -' Secundum defect 70% (NO need for antibiotic prophylaxis} tv\1/P Fixed split S2 (pulmonary valve closes later than aortic valve} Parasternal impulse, prominent 'a' & 'v' wave, mid-systolic murmur at LSB.

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