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The diagram may be constructed as before working from right to left taking t F( +ve). H. 2 kN force required to close the F-diagram. M-diagram. 6 kNm. The maximum moment occurs at A, where the F-diagram crosses its axis. H end. 1 (z - 8 + 4)] - 1 (z - 5) = 0, :. z = 9 m. 1 Calculate the force F required to balance the lever ABCD in Fig. 17 and find the magnitude and direction of the support reaction at B. 2 The action of the control lever in Fig. 18 is that a force of 400 N, when applied at the lever end, is resisted by a clockwise couple of 600 Nm at A.

6) -r=FIA where the shear area, A, depends upon the mode of shear. 3 Block in shear Basic Stress and Strain 37 For example, in the riveted joint of Fig. 4a the rivet is in single shear and therefore: r = F I A where A is the area of the rivet section. In a lap joint (Fig. 4b) the rivet is in double shear so that: r = F I 2A. 4 Riveted joints r is a dimensionless measure of angular distortion. Let us refer this to the distorted block in Fig. 3, where ¢ is the change to the right angle measured in radians.

8 the bolt b, and the cylinder c, carry equal but opposing loads P, under the same strain. , o = pitch x No. of turns, may be given along with the corresponding displacements of the bolt and cylinder: xb and Xc respectively. With the bolt in tension and the cylinder in compression, the final length of bolt must equal the final length of the tube. ". 15) The initial bolt length Lb. is greater than the initial cylinder length Lc. , Lb = Lc + 2t. 17 a, b into Eq. 15. 17) If t is small then I = Lc == Lb and Eq.

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