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Timurids were deployed here. Mahmutoğlan village: Village established after the battle in the name of Timur’s commander, Khan of Chagatais Mahmutoglan who captured Bayezid. ANNEX V: OUR ROUTE Recommendations of route for those who want to visit the battlefield Before you start your journey make sure your car is properly passed maintenance. Although it is rather convenient route get enough fuel and make sure you have proper type of tyres for the season. Obey speed limitations and as the driver, make sure everyone in the car fasten their seat belts at all times even in quite looking village roads.

Ataturk’s special interest to this battle and the extraordinarily beautiful and useful work of General Omerhalis were all due to this quest, to teach Turkish generations about their past. Such a high understanding that was launched in 1930’s had faded away in time. Instead these generations got lost in the deep holes of ignorance and illiteracy. The attempts of Ataturk and people like General Omerhalis became history themselves. Those trying to turn dry lands into green became history leaving us with rudely ignorant generations we see everywhere now.

Timur established his camp near Saraykoy village and commanded his troops from here. His right flank were on today's Esenboga airport runway while his left flank extended to beginning of the Mount Mire line. Commanders Ottomans Commander-in-chief Sultan Bayezid the Thunderbolt (centre) Timurids Commander-in-chief Amir Timur (centre) Commanders Sultan Bayezid the Thunderbolt (centre) Vezir Çandarlızade Ali Paşa (centre) İsa Çelebi, Bayezid’s son (centre) Mustafa Çelebi, Bayezid’s son (centre) Musa Çelebi, Bayezid’s son (centre) Hasan Ağa, Agha of the Janissaries (centre) Commanders Mahmutoğlan, Khan of Chagatai (centre) Kara Timurtaş Paşa, Beylerbey of Anatolia (commander of right flank) Stefan Lazareviç, Serbian despot, Bayezid’s brother-in-law (right flank) Emirzade Şahruh (left flank, first line) Emirzade Miranşah (right flank, first line) Emirzade Ömerşah (centre, first line) Emirzade Sultan Hüseyin (left flank, second line) Emirzade Sultan Ebubekir (right flank, second line) Emirzade Muhammed Sultan (reserve) Süleyman Çelebi, Bayezid’s son (commander of the left flank) Hoca Firuz Beg, Beylerbey of Rumelia (left flank) Mehmet Çelebi, Bayezid’s son (reserve) First attack Timur’s army.

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