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This e-book breaks the mould of the way bosses seen their staff long ago, and replaces it with an process way more in song with contemporary group. rather than concentrating on what a md expects from staff, this publication exhibits a chairman how one can contemplate what staff deserve from them and the way to satisfy these expectancies. a md, supervisor or chief who techniques his or her function from this attitude, should be extra capable of generate and maintain worker productiveness, loyalty, motivation, and teamwork. she or he will use the major suggestions provided inside of this publication to set up the best tradition and weather for the complete employees. integrated during this publication are steps any supervisor can take to regard staff with recognize and belief from day one; take some time to get to understand them as members; and to construct upon the abilities, talents, and motivation that staff deliver to the activity.

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As a boss, it is very important to be aware of the power that you have, and to understand the type of power that is most effective in leading your team. Strictly legitimate By holding the formal position of boss, you have what is called legitimate power. By virtue of the authority vested in your position, you can dole out assignments, rewards, and punishments, and, as a result, you can certainly influence the behavior of your employees. However, bosses who rely heavily on legitimate power, such as those who tell their employees to do something “because I said so,” are also the bosses who generate higher levels of resistance, dissatisfaction, and counterproductive responses.

Your employees do not deserve less than this, nor do you. Tools for Effectiv Effectivee Leadership Many highly effective leaders practice a number of techniques that truly differentiate them from the rest of the pack. Fortunately, 64 BE THE BOSS YOUR EMPLOYEES DESERVE these techniques are easy to learn, fit directly into a climate of respect and trust, and can be readily incorporated into your leadership mix. In addition to the steps discussed in earlier chapters, such as expounding your vision, embracing change, being honest, being flexible, and truly listening to the employees, the best leaders also adhere to some or all of the following credo: Stay in the know The better leaders devote considerable effort to staying current not only in their fields of technical expertise, but in the field of management as well.

Bosses who still insist that both ends be cut off the roast are going to get burned. And that’s exactly what will happen to those bosses who do not realize that employees today want and deserve the opportunity to play an active role in the process of determining and implementing change. You Lead the Way 61 Chapter 8 You Lead the Way O M ost experts agree that one critical attribute for any boss is leadership ability. Without skills in this area, a boss literally and figuratively cannot manage. And yet, many bosses have differing conceptions as to what it means to be an effective leader and how to become one.

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