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This publication is nice for either newbies and for extra complex humans. good equipped and methodical. effortless to experiment and pinpoint goods.

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Complex type elements contain other elements or at least one attribute. Because the element contains the remaining elements in the document, you must declare it as a complex type element. I’ll show you an example of declaring simple type elements shortly. You’ve declared that the element contains a sequence of child elements by using . This seems a little strange, given that it only contains a single element that may be repeated. You could also select one element from a choice of elements using , or you could select all elements in any order using .

The model indicates that an XML processor passes the content and structure of the XML document to an application. XML processors are usually called XML parsers, as they parse the XML document; see Figure 1-2. Figure 1-2. The XML document-processing model Common XML processors include Microsoft XML Parser (MSXML), Apache Xerces2, and the Oracle XML parser. You can write an application that uses any of these parsers. Some XML parsers are also available as prepackaged software that install automatically.

The number between is the Unicode code for the character required. If the code is written as a hexadecimal, then it’s prefixed with the character x. You can also define your own entities. For example, you could define the reference ©right; to mean Copyright 2006 Apress. Each time you want to include this text in the XML document, you could use the entity reference ©right;. This makes the text easier to manage and update. Let’s move on to look at the processing of XML documents. The XML Processing Model The XML recommendation assumes that an XML document will be processed in a particular way.

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