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Read or Download Bioastronautics and Electronics and Invited Addresses. Proceedings of the Fifth Symposium on Ballistic Missile and Space Technology, Held in los Angeles, California, in August, 1960 PDF

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VANGUARD I, launched in early 1958, is still transmitting and is being used currently by the Army Map Service to establish with greater accuracy the location and inter-island distances of South Pacific islands. In conjunction with ground observations making use of Minitrack and Microlock installations, refined measurements of earth-shape are continuing using VANGUARD I. TRANSIT satellites may also be useful for certain mapping and geodetic operations of scientific interest. And the degree to which we are refining our knowledge about geodesy and will continue to do so through other satellite experiments is another very important push forward in the scientific area.

Even when it begins to be pretty clear what ought to be done, even when the relationship between military requirements and the potential of technology is unclouded and easy to understand and calls for a conspicuously logical and specific program, much remains before we can begin effective work to attain the desired and agreed-upon end. We must decide who is to do it and by what rules, and in what way the program will be controlled, funded, and judged. The decisionmaking associated with organization and implementation is a relatively time-consuming one compared with the urgency of the challenges that develop to our security and our peace-time world position.

Come in, 51 FIFTH SYMPOSIUM ON BALLISTIC MISSILE AND SPACE TECHNOLOGY Dick11, then: "Richardson to Jones, Richardson to Jones, I have an extra rasp, but I loaned it to Airman Prescott; perhaps Walt Miller has one you could borrow. ft Then, a similar exchange between our airman and Walt Miller would ensue. Ridiculous? Of course, but not entirely impossible if conventional radio equipments and techniques are employed. To be sure, in the example cited, it would be easier, possibly, for our workman to go over to the other man's tool box and look for a file, rather than trying to carry on a lengthy conversation.

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