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By Pierre Delhaes(auth.)

Content material:
Chapter 1 A historic evaluation (pages 1–24):
Chapter 2 Polymorphism of Crystalline stages (pages 25–59):
Chapter three Non?Crystalline Carbons (pages 61–96):
Chapter four by-product Compounds and Analogs (pages 97–126):
Chapter five From fragrant Precursors to the Graphene airplane (pages 127–167):
Chapter 6 common Structural houses (pages 169–215):
Chapter 7 digital buildings and Magnetic homes (pages 217–264):
Chapter eight digital shipping homes (pages 265–319):
Chapter nine Optical houses and their purposes (pages 321–367):
Chapter 10 Vibrational homes (pages 369–408):
Chapter eleven floor and Interface Phenomena (pages 409–459):
Chapter 12 Chemical Reactivity and floor remedy (pages 461–502):
Chapter thirteen Divided and Porous Carbons (pages 503–552):
Chapter 14 Carbon Filaments, Composites and Heterogenous Media (pages 553–590):
Chapter 15 Use of Carbon fabrics (pages 591–630):

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This step has enabled theoretical forecasts on new and not yet experimentally identified phases. In a second part, we will present these virtual phases and compare them with known real phases by evaluating the resulting physical properties, for example comparing ultra-hard virtual phases with cubic diamond. 1. Reminder of the definition and criteria for thermodynamic phase stability The thermodynamic equilibrium of a phase is characterized by a set of extensive parameters, which are associated with intensive parameters in an energy representation: usually these are the temperature (T), the pressure (P) and the chemical potential (µ) in the case of several components reacting together.

There is no absolute calculation but a choice in function of the family of compounds studied, because this calculation is dependant on the reference state used, which in our case will be hexagonal graphite or sometimes cubic diamond. In addition, these calculations are made at absolute zero, which in the expression of the energy or enthalpy of the system corresponding to a negligible value for the entropy. In fact, it is supposedly nonexistent at absolute zero and very small at the P and T considered, which is not necessarily true due to a possible structural disorder [MAR 95], as discussed in Chapter 3.

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