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By Dick Morris

we need to cease Obama's radical schedule. Now.

We needs to act prior to President Barack Obama totally implements his radical political time table. simply because after Obama has gained his conflict on prosperity and canceled the battle on terror, it will likely be too past due to regain our liberty or our defense.

this is the reality approximately Obama and his radical regulations:

  • He will wreck our health and wellbeing care approach in order that not anyone will get enough care.
  • He firmly believes in executive keep an eye on of our significant industries—he's already commandeered the banks and the auto undefined.
  • He plans to reshape the political panorama to maintain the left in energy for many years via cooking the census, enfranchising unlawful immigrants, muzzling speak radio, and coercing employees into unions.
  • He is attacking those that struggle terrorism whereas letting the terrorists pass loose.
  • He has repealed the statement of Independence and placed us less than a global, European-dominated monetary regulatory approach.

And Obama isn't operating on my own. Congress is complicit within the conspiracy.

it is a disaster. yet as Dick Morris and Eileen McGann remind us, “This is not any time for apathy or alienation or hopelessness. it is a time for action.” And that motion needs to start now—before it really is too overdue.

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She had it right. That’s how it should be, and it’s a good way to think about Congress: we hire them, we pay them, and they should be accountable to us. Unfortunately, most of them don’t think that way at all. The only boards of directors that our representatives routinely meet with are the corporate ones, who decide who their political action committees will contribute to. We desperately need to take back Congress and make it accountable to us, the voters—not the banks, credit card companies, defense contractors, and other special interests that have been running the show for way too long.

But that’s not all. It’s also time to take back our country from the Wall Street masters of the universe, whose insatiable greed led them to create a dangerously unstable environment for American businesses and investors—until their house of cards crashed, taking the wealth of millions of shareholders, investors, and average Americans with them…and they turned to the government for a bailout. The AIGs, the Citibanks, the Lehmans, and the rest of the unfortunately familiar Wall Street roster of shame created an unprecedented catastrophe—with the help of many in Congress, who contributed to that catastrophe by recklessly deregulating banks and financial institutions and ignoring the growing signs of economic catastrophe because they did not want to offend their patrons.

And now is especially no time to accept or reject solutions based on whether they fit or don’t fit a particular philosophical agenda. The trendy economic populism we hear from the White House will do nothing but turn neighbors, families, and friends against one another. Americans don’t want that. We can’t afford that. It may sound tough for President Obama to say he’ll take every legal step possible to get back the AIG bonuses (the ones his administration initially okayed), but do we really want to encourage populist vigilantes to hire buses to bring ACORN community organizers and the press on a tour of the homes of the AIG employees?

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