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By Lena Jayyusi

First released in 1984, this can be a research of categorization practices: how humans categorize one another and their activities; how they describe, infer, and decide. The booklet provides a sociological research and outline of sensible actions and makes a cogent contribution to the examine of ways the ethical order truly works in functional communicative contexts. one of the matters handled are: collectivity categorizations, the association of lists and outlines, ethical attribution and inferences, and the connection among criteria of morality and criteria of rationality.

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11) Although some grounds for the latter categorization must be available, these need not include 'proven guilty of criminal action'. Take another example: 'He's a homosexual' and 'He's a homosexual type'. The former is a more definitive categorization - that it is simpler to produce a backdown by the speaker on that description is grounded in the fact that it is simpler to provide the warrant for the latter description ('He's a homosexual type'). Indeed, what would count as warrant for this is more diverse and open-ended.

May be seen to be formulating a performance at some operation as having been badly bungled. 'Surgeon' here is being used as a competence categorization. On the other hand, one may come across the following: 'You're not a doctor, you're just into money making/you're a profiteer', etc. 'Doctor' is here being used as a moral performance categorization, where the concern to help and treat sick people is being provided for as overriding that of profit and as central to what constitutes a 'doctor'.

Thet 'e w'z brain/ }wash/ Jed George: I think he wa: s (pause ca. ) Jay: IN - in uhm, what sense (pause ca. 0) George: I don 'kno: w, b 't if he says he w 'z (pauseca. 0) Sy: He's one a' these 'Rom //ney c 'do no wro: ng. 'types. hh George: He's en honest ma:n George: This much I do know. brain-washed, In that George could not provide a reason for his belief that Membership categorizations 30 Romney was brainwashed independent of Romney's avowal, Sy can formulate George as being a 'type' who believes unquestioningly in Romney.

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