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On-State Voltage: The voltage drop across a device during its on-state while conducting a current. The smaller this voltage, the smaller will be the on-state power loss. 2 SELECTION OF POWER TRANSISTORS [2À5] Transistors are controllable switches, which are available in several forms for switch-mode power electronics applications:      MOSFETs (Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor Field-Effect Transistors) IGBTs (Insulated-Gate Bipolar Transistors) IGCTs (Integrated-Gate-Controlled Thyristors) GTOs (Gate-Turn-Off thyristors) Niche devices for power electronics applications, such as BJTs (Bipolar-Junction Transistors), SITs (Static Induction Transistors), MCTs (MOS-Controlled Thyristors), and so on.

5) t where t, representing time, is a variable of integration. 6: 1. 7) 2. 7 show that the capacitor current integral over Ts is zero, which leads to the conclusion that the average capacitor current, averaged over Ts , is zero: 1 C ZTs iC U dt ¼ 0 0 1 . 4a, is flowing through a capacitor of 100 µF. Calculate the peak-peak ripple in the capacitor voltage waveform due to this ripple current. 4b, is at its minimum at time t1 , prior to which the capacitor current has been negative. This voltage waveform reaches its peak at time t2 , beyond which the current becomes negative.

REFERENCES 1. N. M. P. Robbins, Power Electronics: Converters, Applications and Design, 3rd Edition. (New York: John Wiley & Sons, 2003). 2. com. 3. com. 4. com. 5. com. 6. com. 7. com/industrial/electronic-components/capacitiveproducts. 8. com. 9. com. 10. familyId564&content Type 5 4. 1. 4a. Assume the diode ideal. The operating conditions are as follows: Vin ¼ 42 V, Io ¼ 5 A, the switching frequency fs ¼ 400 kHz, and the duty-ratio d ¼ 0:3. Under the operating conditions, the MOSFET has the following switching times: tdðonÞ ¼ 50 ns, tri ¼ 20 ns, tfv ¼ 15 ns, tdðoff Þ ¼ 25 ns, trv ¼ 20 ns, tfi ¼ 15 ns.

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