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Digital Design and Computer Architecture (2nd Edition)

Electronic layout and machine structure takes a different and glossy method of electronic layout. starting with electronic common sense gates and progressing to the layout of combinational and sequential circuits, Harris and Harris use those basic construction blocks because the foundation for what follows: the layout of an exact MIPS processor.

Power Electronics: A First Course

Writer Ned Mohan has been a pacesetter in EES schooling and study for many years. His three-book sequence on energy Electronics makes a speciality of 3 crucial issues within the strength series in line with functions suitable to this age of sustainable strength comparable to wind generators and hybrid electrical automobiles. the 3 issues contain strength electronics, energy structures and electrical machines.

Digital Electronics and Laboratory Computer Experiments

Technological know-how undergraduates have come to simply accept using desktops as ordinary. The day-by-day use of moveable subtle digital calculators (some of them rivaling general-purpose minicomputers of their capa bi li ti es) has hastened this improvement. during the last a number of years, laptop­ assisted experimentation has assumed an immense position within the experimental laboratory.

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TPLH measures the time between a change in inputs and the subsequent change in output from '0' to '1'. T PHL is a measure of the time taken for the outputs to change from HIGH to LOW, '1' to '0', in response to a change in the inputs: TPLH ~----~ut _____j___/ ' inputs change inputs change It is advantageous to have the fastest possible switching time. This will usually incur a higher power consumption, since this is inherent in a switching process. Speed and power consumption are often the most important factors in considering different logic technologies.

The propagation delay of an inverter can cause a momentary glitch on a circuit output. Consider f=A·B+B·C We shall look at the output state for inputs A = '1' and C = ' 1' and the input B changes from '1' to '0'. The circuit output is the OR of two terms, either of which is '1' when B changes, and so the output should not change at all. Combinational Logic Design 39 This is true in theory, but in practice B is derived from an in~rter whose input is B and when B changes from '1' to '0' then the output of the inverter, B, changes from '0' to '1' T PLH ns later.

The logic technology concerns the physical implementation of the switching circuits and offers a distinct set of performance characteristics. We shall first investigate the performance characteristics of particular interest in integrated circuit technology, then go on to look at switching circuits, and finally consider the logic technologies that are currently available. The performance characteristics can be developed from an ideal logic gate. The ideal inverter connects its output HIGH to the positive supply rail for a LOW input.

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