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This absolutely revised and up-to-date version has a wealth of latest fabric, together with a brand new part on plural verbs. It contains a variety of stimulating routines reminiscent of notice video games, puzzles, quizzes and crosswords to assist scholars examine and revise vocabulary for the IELTS examination. transparent and easy-to-use.

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Austria B. lndia C. Indiana B. SouthAmerica C. CentralAmerica L o tr o Ct) 2. TheSouthPoleis situatedin the A. Arctic 3. New Zealandis part of A. Australia 4. Bangladesh is part of A. the lndian subcontinent 5. Nicaragua is a countryin A. North America 6. Argentina,Brazil,Colombia,Panamaand Hondurasall form part of A. Latin America B. SpanishAmerica 7. Apartheidwas abolishedin A. southern Africa C. South America in the 1990s. B. NorthAfrica C. South Africa 8. TheUnitedKingdomand the Republic of lrelandform a groupof islandsknownas A.

Applyingfor a visacan be a long and frustrating 29. raise/ rise As prices , demandusuallydrops. In response to the currentoil shortage,mostairlinesplanto theirfares. 30. respectable / respectful Thedelegates listened in silenceasthe chairmanspoke. Theywant to bring up their childrenin an areawhich is considered to be 31. treat/ cure Hospitals aresounderstaffed thattheyfind it almostimpossible to m i n o ri n j u r i e s . Theywere unableto patientswith the disease, and hundredsdied asa result. ct B e l o w y o u w i l l s e e s o m e c o m m o n e x p r e s s i o n tsh a t y o u m i g h t f i n d u s e f u l i n t h e I E L T Ss p e a k i n g t e s t .

3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 9 CL o P Education A . L o o k a t t h e s e n t e n c e sb e l o w a n d f i l l i n t h e g a p s u s i n g t h e a p p r o p r i a t e w o r d f r o m A,BorC. 1. He didn't get a good gradethe first time he did his TELTS exam,so decidedto A. resit B. remake it. repair 2. Peoplewho attenduniversity laterin life are often called A. aged B. mature C. old students. 3. Althoughshe had left schooland was working,shewent to eveningclasses at the localCollegeof Education.

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