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By Ritwik Ghatak, Satyajit Ray

Ritwik Ghatak(1925-76) is the main uncompromising Bengali motion picture maestro from twentieth century India. Cinema & I is the gathering of his writings and interviews. during this choice of 20 essays and 17 interviews, unbelievable brilliance of a real artist's brain, illuminates the cultural layers of human civilization of east and west, from pre-history as much as the modernity. this can be a ebook no longer intended should you have an interest purely in cinema. For anyone, in anyway regarding any department of artwork or humanities, this booklet goes to be a useful ownership.

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Too much space has been absolutely wasted on a sort of tourist-vision of old-time Calcutta, the family tree, the Brahmo Samaj. By dwelling on Debendranath etc. the balance has been completely spoiled. One could do away with the first 2,000 ft. of the film without losing a single point about Tagore. The turning point in Tagore's intellectual life, that moment, recorded in his autobiography, which gave birth to his first major poem. "The awakening from Dream of the Spring"—either Satyajit has completely missed the significance of it or has misunderstood it.

This is my symbol, that is why it is being used. But behind it lies a conscious pattern. For example, I may use a Bandish'of the 'Raga Kalavati' during an early love scene. I do not use it only because it fits with the scene well. I am all the while considering using the same tune during the climax—the final separation. This makes up the total statement. The central theme for Komal Gandhcir was the unification of the two Bengals: this accounts for the persistent use of old marriage songs: even during the scenes of pain and separation the music sings of marriage.

This film threw before us a challenge at every step. Every shot taken was every shot achieved. This seemed to me to be really invigorating. It is a situation in which one curses oneself at every step and likes it. All these considerations drove me to Ajantrik, and I jumped at the first opportunity to make it. Experimental Cinema The word 'experiment' with reference to film making has become almost a "cliche" word. Experimentation in cinema is a vast and tricky subject. Experimental fdms are also called, at times, "art films".

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