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This stimulating compilation of essays and photographs finds a necessary and beneficial section of Czech contributions to the realm of recent theatre heretofore mostly unseen outdoors the rustic itself. that includes the craft of twenty-seven of the easiest level and dress designers of the 20th century, Joe Brandesky provides plentiful proof in their continuously prime quality and dynamic creativity, survival talents for a humans whose nationwide id have been dismantled in the course of decades of career and repression.

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Kirloskar mixed secular fo lk songs with devotional kirtans, Hindustani with Carnatic ragas , and had them delivered by his actors rather than the usual practice of a chorus. Tagore boldly refash ioned classical ragas and even inserted snatches of Western m usic in a fully operatic creation. Hindi theatre also contributed in 1881, when Bharatendu Harishchandra composed Andhrr Nagari, an innovative musical farce o n society and politics. The Eigh ties wirnessed a sea change in other genres, [00.

I dian rheatre is a vlrg'" forest that few scholars Comparam"t n ha\"t entered, and I have attempted here to put cogether a very basic hisronographyofits modern phase that is bound to contai n ma(kerrenc gaps. Theatre researchers must build up this field of srudy, identifYing our intemaJ links of paraJleis and influences, so I wuuld appreciate readers pointing out any significant omissions in this essay. f time, modes of being, processes of production, oralI ty and literacy, newspapers and cable televisions, have to be very care fu l with the use of the wo rd tradition,1 In a very general sense, we know of course, that tradition means handing down knowledge of various sorts, or of passing a doctrine, but somewhere there is another su btextual sense as well, that this handing down is done with respect and duty.

D . and has ' d"d Indian thought defined an Indian I entity" d un erg" ... , . I · hip' b manifest in all ki nds of commonalities and Interre a(lons . ~~~in ~ndian art form s, including the performing arts. Refle ct-Ing :hiSessential cultural identity and world "iew, Indian theatre g:,~~:~ ·nterrelated and possess numerous common fearures , . ·onal hiStory are I the theatre historian, especially one wr\tmg a nau . ng r iven [he complexirv of Indian theatre, thiS IS a I . G con text. -' . d' · ductlOn 'bl" (ask .

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