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By Emmanuel Hebey

The booklet bargains an increased model of lectures given at ETH Zürich within the framework of a Nachdiplomvorlesung. Compactness and balance for nonlinear elliptic equations within the inhomogeneous context of closed Riemannian manifolds are investigated, a box almost immediately present process nice improvement. the writer describes blow-up phenomena and offers the growth remodeled the earlier years at the topic, giving an updated description of the hot principles, innovations, tools, and theories within the box. precise cognizance is dedicated to the nonlinear desk bound Schrödinger equation and to its severe formulation.

Intended to be as self-contained as attainable, the ebook is out there to a wide viewers of readers, together with graduate scholars and researchers.

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1. M /. 0, u 6Á 0, such that g u C hu D f in M for Suppose there exists u 2 H 1 , u some f 2 C 0 , f 0, f 6Á 0 in M . Then g C h is coercive. Let I W« H 1 ! 1. t. u/. Applying once again the variational method by minimization we easily get that 0 is attained by some u0 2 H, u0 0, satisfying that g u0 C hu0 D 0 u0 in M . By the maximum principle, noting that u0 6Á 0 since 0 62 H, we get that u0 > 0 in M . 23) 0 0 g M M R Since f 0, f 6Á 0, and u0 > 0 there holds that M f u0 dvg > 0. 23) that 0 > 0.

C qv0 6 1=2 Â 1=2 Ã q 1 2 ! C v0 .! C qv0 / Vg 2 3 q Á 2! 76), u20 4 q2 . qv0 /3=2 Vg . u/ D c6 and c6 < 1=3K33 . u/ if m1 q. This proves the above claim. 42 2 Basic variational methods The Klein-Gordon-Maxwell-Proca system, in, dimensions 3 and higher, in the context of closed manifolds, has been investigated in Druet and Hebey [37], Druet, Hebey and V´etois [41], Hebey and Truong [62], Hebey and Wei [69], and Thizy [111]. Existence results for this system, in the spirirt of those we just discussed, can be found in Druet and Hebey [37], Hebey and Truong [62], and Thizy [111].

R C1. ƒ/ 2? Ä 12 . Then, by 2 M jruK j dvg Ä C for some C > 0 and all K. 93), 2 M uK dvg Ä C , we get from the Sobolev inequality that Z ? 94) M ? for some C > 0 and all K. Letting K ! pC1/ and we proved that u 2 Ls for some s > 2? This ends the proof of the theorem. 8. Several sophisticated examples of this fact will be discussed in Chapter 4. At this point we can state the following result. 9. 8 are false in general when p D 2? 9. 8 are false. S n ; g/ be the unit n-sphere, and for x0 2 S n and ˇ > 1, we define ux0 ;ˇ W S n !

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