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Coli-0157-H7, which causes bloody diarrhea followed by TTP like picture minus the fever and neurological symptoms. Diagnosis and treatment is the same as TTP. Chemotherapy combinations containing Mitomycin can also induce HUS. l Myelofibrosis l l l l Myeloproliferative Disorders Introduction l Biggest complication of following disorders is transformation into leukemia. Polycythemia l l Definition: It is excessive RBCs causing hyperviscosity syndrome. , Renal cell cancer. Clinical picture: 1. Plethora, facial flushing and itching: Gets worse after a warm shower.

Cephalhematoma, bleeding after circumcision. 2. Multiple ecchymosis and big joints hemorrhagic effusion. 3. Retroperitoneal hematoma: Patients can only present with femoral neuropathy (Unilateral leg pain, weakness and numbness). l l Diagnosis: Prolonged PTT, Normal PT, and Low factor VIII and/or IX. Treatment: Desmopressin DDAVP (Factor VIII rich substance). l l 1. Low platelets and elevated LDH. 2. Prolonged PT and PTT. 3. Low fibrinogen and elevated Fibrin degradation products (FDP). l l Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura (ITP) l l l l Mechanism: Immunologically generated antibodies IgG against platelets, mostly following a recent flu like illness.

Common in HIV. It is the most common form of idiopathic nephrotic syndrome in African Americans. 4. DM: Kimmelstiel-Wilson syndrome. First sign of diabetic nephropathy is glomerulosclerosis, which is detected by checking for microalbuminuria. 5. SLE: Wire loop lesions with subendothelial deposits. 6. Amyloidosis: Diagnosed by Congo red staining of abdominal pad of fat or peripheral nerve. Treatment: Colchicine. 7. Familial Mediterranean Fever (Fever + Serositis + Nephrotic): Treatment: Colchicine.

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